An English Masterpiece

When traveling it's so easy to get inspired. Everywhere you look there is beautiful architecture, unbelievable design, and a myriad of ideas to take back to the states. Through research, we stumbled across this elevated house in England and view it as a true English masterpiece! 

Modestly scaled homes called Deckhouses were built in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Hampshire, England and each of them is just 538 square feet! Forming a secret enclave by the sea, these cabins sit on stilts in neatly arranged rows within communal parkland. They are cleverly designed and positioned so they don't overlook one another very much. 

These houses were originally designed by the British Architecture firm Gore, Gibberd, and Saunders. After spending time in the states, they were influenced by the mid-century modernist houses of Long Island, New York. The Deckhouses were initially designed as weekend and vacation homes targeted for sailors since they were alongside the harbor. 

Now highly sought after, these Deckhouses rarely becoming available for purchase, and if they do change hands at all, they're mostly sold privately between friends. So we're giving you an inside look at one these tiny masterpieces owned by Architect Paul Hinkin and his partner Chrissy Pearce. Check out the simplicity of design and how each square foot is calculated with purpose and precision, coupled with efficient and thorough design... Enjoy!