4 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

You have the perfect house, apartment, condo, etc., but there's just one problem, the size of your kitchen makes you run to order a pizza, instead of cook a four-course meal! Don't fret! We're going to show you four ways to make your kitchen feel bigger, so you'll be Bobby Flay'ing in no time!

When looking to create more space without removing walls or doing a complete remodel, your design choices can make a big impact. These tricks will help to visually enlarge your kitchen for a light, airy feel. 

Focus on Natural Light

Removing any dark, dingy cabinetry and instead opting for a bright white option will add a crisp and clean look that will allow natural light to reflect from your space. Natural light plus a light-reflecting cabinet color will lend to a more spacious feel even though the square footage hasn't changed. Wide-plank flooring will also add to the illusion of more space and is a nice contrast to a tightly packed kitchen.

Same Countertop & Backsplash Material

Using the same material on both your countertop and backsplash makes the space feel larger by making it seem less busy. Giving the eye a vertical path to follow increases the apparent height, thus lifting the lid off a boxy room.  

Mind the Hood

Trim the visual fat from a wall of cabinets by adding in a sleek, wall mount vent hood over the cooktop. This will give the room a greater feel of openness. These are a plus in a smaller kitchen because they provide a cleaner and lighter look than regular undercabinet hoods. 

Eliminate Clutter

To enlarge a room, clear off counters, windowsills, and cabinet tops and stash as much as possible behind closed doors or carve out wall space. When your countertops are filled with cookware or collectibles, it overwhelms a small kitchen. If you do not have enough closed door space or you don't want to carve out space, you can reclaim that valuable area by adding in a recessed shelving unit. 

Looking for more space saving designs or just tired of the current style of your kitchen? Then contact us today!