4 Tips for Increasing Home Value

Let’s face it, we live in a time where change is constant and living in one home forever is not as likely. So what design upgrades should you make to your home to ensure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck when it’s time to resell or if you’re looking to use it as a rental property? Let’s take a look at 4 tips for increasing your home’s value.

Tip 1:
If you’ve ever watched any episode of HGTV, you know the kitchen is king! A kitchen is a multi-purpose room and even minor upgrades such as light fixtures and hardware can add value to your home or allow for higher rental.

Tip 2:
Make the room feel bigger than its actual size. When people are looking to purchase a new home or to rent for vacation, space is normally high on the priority list. Perception is a powerful thing, so if you select and place furniture that fits the scale of the room it can make the space feel larger than it actually is.

Tip 3:
Freshen up your space with a new coat of paint. Painting is a really cost-effective way to make a room feel updated and clean without breaking the bank. Your new homeowners or guests renting your property will appreciate the crisp feel a neutral tone will provide in the overall ambiance of the home.

Tip 4:
Only second to kitchen upgrades, bathroom enhancements will provide a great return on investment. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, especially if you’re using your property for rental purposes, a little can go a long way. Small changes like updating vanities, changing light fixtures or updating hardware can provide guests with a more upscale atmosphere that they’ll surely appreciate.

If you’re looking for more design inspiration or different ways to compliment your home, check out our Interior Design page. If you’re interested in using your home as a rental property, click on our Property Management page!