How to Decorate with Velvet

If you're anything like us, we follow fashion trends and consider fashion week an actual holiday! If you've seen the runways, you'll know that velvet is making a comeback in some interesting ways. Since fashion and interior design are so closely linked, below are some ways you can incorporate this fall's favorite fabric into your home! 

If you're not ready to take the plunge, with minimal effort you can make a major upgrade with just a couple throw pillows of this plush material. 

Ready to upgrade your beauty sleep? Velvet bedding is not only eye-catching, but it's cozy and comforting for these upcoming chilly nights! 

Lounge around in style with a tufted velvet sofa. In addition to being stylish and on trend, this dark hue will actually help to hide any spills if you have a home filled with pets and kids or if you have several renters coming in and out!  

If you're not ready to replace your entire sofa, no problem. Add in a plush side chair that will be the perfect accent!

This lush fabric isn't just for furniture... Give your windows a treatment that will add a textural contrast to the rest of your room with velvet curtains.

Still unsure on how you can incorporate this fun fabric into your home or rental property? Give us a call and let our interior designer take your domicile from just a concept, to a creation!