How to Make Your Home Office Work for You

Working from home has become more than just a trend, it's the future and will continue to grow in popularity. Whether you're building your business, looking for a quiet space to be creative or working your 9-5, it's important to set-up your office in a way that will work for you! Below are three tips to help get you started!

Find Your Power Position
Position your desk to face either the entrance of the room or where guests would typically sit. This is a good arrangement for anyone who needs privacy or wants to convey the same feeling of when meeting with clients. This placement also allows you to be completely aware when someone enters the room so you can avoid "cubical paranoia." 

Embrace Multitasking
As mentioned earlier, your home office can be used for more than just answering work emails and completing work projects. Set the space up so you can use it for various things that interest you or make your day-to-day tasks easier.


Go for Quiet
Sometimes your work might be silent or more contemplative. Whether you're writing an email or reading one, learning a new subject or preparing for a meeting, it's important to choose a space in your home that allows you to concentrate when needed. A quiet simple spot can be incredibly beneficial to productivity. 

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At Design & Manage, we can take any room and turn it into a space to organize paperwork, keep track of schedules, plan events, allow your creative juices to flow, increase work productivity or anything else you can imagine! Contact us today and let's start creating!