How to Bring Palm Springs to Your Home


Palm Springs design is so distinctive, it has been dubbed, "Desert Modernism." As early as the 1920's, modern architects had their sights set on this area, which was encouraged by the growing tourism industry, led by Hollywood Celebrity vacationers. 

Palm Springs Mid-Century style is even more popular than in the past and it can be achieved simply by adding bright pops of color, texture and reflective metal finishes. It's all about design that is bright, glamorous, crisp and clean! 

Read our top three tips for incorporating this Desert Modernism style into your home!


Reflective Finishes 

Bring the sparkle by incorporating elements with reflective finishes. The choice is yours whether you want it to be small finishes or large-scale installations throughout your space. You can do this by adding brass or chrome tapered legs to your existing furniture pieces or mirror-finished and or brass wall sculptures. Adding metallic art to your walls creates installations that are both personal and unique to you and your style. 


Add Pops of Color to a White Space

Remember, the key to this design is to keep it glamorous, crisp and clean. So, when you're incorporating a color into a space that is predominately white, a good method is to focus on a variety of shapes and sizes. You also have the option to go bold with a large colorful statement piece like a sofa or pair of chairs.  The exterior of the home below is shown with a bold statement! Start with smaller pieces like decorative ornaments or artwork and remember to take risks!


Using Neutral Colors

A general theme with Palm Springs design style is to keep your space immaculate in appearance. The easiest way to accomplish that is by using light, natural colors. Keep your flooring, walls, and surfaces neutral and then add in the accents of bright color like we described above!



You don't have to live in California to snag the Palm Springs design, we can help you achieve this look anywhere your home is located! Contact us today so we can get started on making your space feel like a desert style oasis! 

We love visiting Palm Springs, if you happen to make it there, drive through the Twin Palms area.  Some of favorite homes are located there.

Happy Holidays!

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