Mid-Century Motivation

Mid-Century Modern is a design style that describes mid-20th-century developments from around 1933 to 1965. Like most trends, they come and go, however, this minimalist movement has gone through so many streaks of popularity that it's become a design staple.

People are opting for open-floor plans, less furnishings and more room to breath in their homes. Mid-century-modern-inspired pieces are so versatile that you can pepper them into a room without having to rethink the whole design. So let's see how we can incorporate this into your home!


This beautiful space has all the necessary pieces for a Mid-Century Modern design. A low profile sofa with colorful accents, wooden legs, bold silhouettes, oversized shapes, finished metal, geometric area rug, wooden coffee table with splayed legs, a molded rocker and of course that gorgeous Mid-Century case system or shelving wall unit. Not interested in turning your whole room into this design? Then check out the last two suggestions. 

As noted earlier, the great thing about this design style is that you can drop in pieces here and there since this look doesn't need to be implemented wall to wall. It will look just as great mixed and matched with other styles that interest you. This beautiful chair is low profile with a tufted back and splayed wooden legs. Of course, the addition of colorful accent pillows adds more interest. Still not ready to make the commitment with a large piece of furniture? No problem, the planters below are small and stylish enough to get you started with a Mid-Century Modern design! 

Place these planters with a colored ceramic, splayed wooden legs and personality into any room to switch up the overall look and feel of the space. Although small, they come packed with a huge design punch and are very attention-worthy! If you're reluctant, these are great because they're not as heavy on the retro nostalgia side of the Mid-Century design style. 

With so many options, it can be very difficult to figure out which design, furniture or accents work best in your space. We're here to make your home feel like you! Contact us today!