Pop Art & Interior Design

When we say, "eccentric and vibrant works of art," possibly many artists come to mind, but none more prolific than Andy Warhol. His iconic works of art connect celebrity culture and artistic expression and we are completely obsessed!

He led the 1960s Pop Art movement and was known for paintings that focused on mass-produced commercial goods (e.g., Campbell's Soup cans). The Pop Art movement aimed to blur the lines between "high" and "low", thus showing that there is no hierarchy of culture. Pop artists believed everything is interconnected, and therefore sought to make those connections literal in their artwork. This style makes for unusual and colorful interior design! Let's take a look at how you can incorporate this bold, daring, and provocative design style into your home.

This design is perfect for all you free-spirited, bold souls who are not afraid to experiment! By blending color with geometric shapes, you present a layout that is varying, yet cohesive, allowing for your own design expression to shine through. 

The abundance of glossy surfaces is normal for Pop Art style in your home. The more reflection that creates three-dimensional images the better. That is what you're looking to achieve when you incorporate furniture such as a mirrored coffee table. 

Sculptures can add an element of surprise and charm to any room. Crazy color combinations and objects are key when you're trying to lock down this style in your home. 

Those are just some ideas that are influenced by the amazing pioneer of Pop Art, Andy Warhol. If you're looking for ways to incorporate this design into your home, contact us

Lastly, we wanted to share one of our favorites, which is this amazing Elizabeth Taylor! Let us know in the comments which Warhol pieces speak to you!