3 Valuable Tips for Couples Moving In Together


Now that you’re moved in together, you and your significant other are probably working hard to unpack, organize, and determine a decorating scheme. Making your house into a home may seem stressful, overwhelming, and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of budget-friendly, home-decorating techniques that will make your moving transition a smooth one.  


Tip 1: Take Inventory

It’s likely that you’re both coming into your new home with a few duplicate items. To avoid being totally overwhelmed by kitchen sets, couches, lamps, and tables, sit-down and make a list of what items you have. Next, determine what items you want featured in your new home. If you both have the same item, consider which one you should keep. Be sure to factor in overall condition, size and style. Once you have a list of “keeps” create a list of giveaways. You may also want to talk to a few of your friends and family members to see if they are in need of a particular item.

If you have a large amount to give-away, consider planning a yard sale. No yard or garage? That’s OK! It’s becoming increasingly popular to host these sales inside homes and apartments. Pick a day, promote online, tell your neighbors and put up posters in your area. Remember, a successful sale starts with successful promotion. 


Tip 2: Determine a Decorating Style

Being on the same page as your partner in regards to a cohesive decorating style can help make shopping and decorating easier. There are a few standard decorating styles- traditional, modern, contemporary, country (also known as “farmhouse”), etc. If you do not know how to choose, consider the style of some of your larger items and go from there. For example, if you have a chic new stainless steel coffee table, you may want to stick to a modern or industrial design. 

If you need to purchase new items, start with the large items such as appliances and furniture. Consider purchasing large pieces in a neutral tone- beige, white, black, and brown. After this, you can add a bit of color and style in the form of paintings, pillows, throws, and end tables. Combining neutral tone large items and smaller bold accent pieces can ensure you never get tired of your home decor. After all, it’s cheaper to replace decorative throw pillows then it is to replace a whole living room set. If you are unsure what colors will look good together, consider utilizing an online color wheel to help you find the perfect color scheme. Carefully paired colors will help give your space a harmonized, cohesive look.


Tip 3: Make the Most out of Closet Space

Now that you're moving in together, you'll need closet space for two. To make the most of your closet space, consider donating items that you seldom (or never) wear. To do this, some organization experts recommend getting rid of any clothing you are not excited to wear. If you haven’t worn something that calendar year, it is unlikely that you will. Next, start developing seasonal wardrobes. For example, you probably don’t need easy access to a ski jacket in the summer. Put these seasonal items in tote bins or other containers and store them for later use. If you are short on hanging space, consider installing another rod. Additional closet shelving can also be highly beneficial for organizing non-hanging items such as shoes and hats. 


Moving in with your significant other should be exciting, not stressful. If you want to make your new house/apartment a home, consider implementing some of the budget-friendly decorating tips above.

Author: Natalie Jones