Tile Tuesday: 5 Unique Variations

Looking for a fun twist on your floor or wall design? It can be as simple as changing up the rectangular classics we constantly see, to unique variations that are truer to your design style! Check out these five uncommon layout ideas!


If you want your space to look long and roomy, then just like in fashion, thin stripes in interiors can be used to create long lines, which provides the optical illusion of extra length. If you run the stripes along the longest axis of the room, the result will be a space that looks especially large.


If you have a narrow room that feels more like a tunnel and you’re looking for some balance, a good option for your tile would be to add bands, which are wide and short. Lay those against the length of the space, and you’ll have enhanced width. Adding in bands can also add some drama to your space without making it looking too busy.


Your foyer is home to a very heavy traffic area, so why not consider creating the look of a patterned area rug with tile instead? You can border out the edges and leave a rectangle in the center, which is the only thing your eye will focus on!

Fish Scale

The fish scale pattern is nothing new, however, it always seems to provide a fresh and even exotic feel. It can be achieved as a mosaic of tiny tiles or with tiles cut into a scale shape that are designed to interlock. Use this design to make your space feel like a vacation retreat!


Using hexagon tile can break up stiff right angles from the cabinetry all while adding a visual twist! In general, adding more angles to a pattern will make it feel livelier, which will add a sense of energy and fun!