3 Romantic Bedroom Colors

Since the day of love is tomorrow, why not think about updating your bedroom with some romantic colors? Keep reading to bring more passion to this room with rich browns, spicy oranges, and pretty plums!

Glowing oranges have the ability to help bring a romantic ambiance to your master bedroom. If you're tired of using the same neutral type or caramel colors in your bedroom, an orange hue is a warm and luscious alternative. 

Various shades of plum is another romance-inducing color option. Purple and plum hues offer a soothing and comforting quality and they're a little more interesting and daring than your normal calming hues that fall into the blue and gray category. If you decide on more of a darker shade of plum or purple, it's important to include some contrasting light hues and objects with a bit of sheen to help keep the vibe romantic and not dark and gloomy. 

Rich, warm shades of brown can also be called upon to spice up your master bedroom. Step out of your comfort zone and inject brown tones through the generous use of wood elements instead of just paint! Wood-clad walls have the ability to really amp up the cozy vibe. Similar to dark plums and purples, you want to balance the dark richness of these brown hues with white or off-white elements so the color scheme doesn't feel too heavy. 

If you're stumped on how to bring that loving feeling to your bedroom, contact us so we can help you decide which color choices to consider to achieve your desired look and feel!