Creative Ways to Light Up Your Home

The addition and layout of proper lighting can really change the ambiance of your space. If you're wondering how to layer different types of lighting to achieve the mood you're looking for, then keep reading! 

Below are three ways to get your layers of lighting right.

1. Mix Bases & Match Shades

If you're anything like us, you're drawn to the interest that mixing and matching designs can bring to a room. A great example of this is when you switch up lamp bases. Placing a floor and table lamp in various parts of your room will serve different purposes, while simultaneously working together to create a warm lightening scheme. By simply adding the same shade to both bases, it creates a connection between the lamps even though the style of both are very different.

2. Get the Scale Right

If done right, overhead lighting can not only compliment your space but also act as a focal point. Before choosing an overhead light fixture, it's important to take into consideration its size and purpose. Is this fixture just an addition to other light sources or will it be your main supply of light? What is the room used for? These are some of the questions to contemplate before making a style decision on your overhead light. Below is an amazing example of scaling to perfection with the great pairing of the Lindsey Adelman ceiling lamp with the Stilnovo bedside ceiling lamps!


3. Lampshade Fabrics are Important

What we like to do is replace whatever shades lamps come with in favor of something more custom or fitting to the desired style. It is also important to consider how much light you want to radiate as the shade will dictate that. If you're looking for more ambiance, then fabric-covered shades will offer that. For more diffused looking light, linen is what you want. For the brightest light, stick with a sharp white shade. 

Accessorizing your space is fun and choosing the right pieces to achieve your desired statement is what we're best at! Contact us today!