Home Styling How To

Walking around your home and wondering what to do with all that open space or maybe you want a fresh new look? Home Styling is something we specialize in at Design & Manage. It doesn't matter if your style is Mid-Century, Contemporary, Industrial, Bohemium, Urban Modern or Traditional, we are here to give your space a custom design that is uniquely you!

If your space is like the image above, the first step is to allow us to source all the necessary materials, artwork, furniture and accessories to show the boldness and personality of your home style. The possibilities are endless when sourcing home furnishings! We take our time to make sure each piece tells a story and evokes a feeling when placed in your home. We venture to estate sales, vintage shops, resale shops, flea markets, antique markets and retailers that offer less mass market options.  Let us do the work so you can focus on entertaining in style!

Follow along as we take all the furnishings we sourced from above, and more, to turn our client's basic space into a custom design fit only for them! Stay tuned!