About Us

At Design & Manage, we specialize in complete interior design. Curating a space with professional drawings, sourcing materials such as tile, stone and wood, and having a uniquely custom approach in mind. A vision board, finishes, color, texture and everything in between. A design era can be expressed in many ways. Let us hone in on what speaks to you.

DM Interior design and project management services incorporate your home, vacation rental, industrial loft, creative space, and commercial or hospitality venue. We take pride in offering our clients expertise that is inspired by art, music, culture, and lifestyle. All furniture, textiles and materials are hand-selected specific to your project. With the incorporation of vintage, rare, and on-trend new pieces, we will create an inviting atmosphere. The vibe- an expression of good atmosphere

Design & Manage™


We put sincere importance on your interests and our goal is to have the final design bring a glow to your face, every time you enter your home.